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Christian Twelve-Step Programs

The Christian twelve-step programs derive from the Bible's teachings. They start with identifying ones shortcomings and an assertion of faith in Gods love, and forgiveness. The twelve steps of recovery require confession and atonement of wrong doings. They finally teach us to not only devote ourselves to God and not question his will but pass on the message of recovery to others.

Individualized treatment programs

Individualized Treatment Programs

Our counselors and Christian therapists will help you determine the right recovery path and treatment center to fit not only your spirituality, but your physical needs as well. A Christian counselor will help you every step of the way. You are not alone, we are here to help, let us guide you to a faith filled healthier and happier life

therapy models for addiction

Traditional Therapy Models

The use of traditional treatment models and Christian therapy, have proven to hold the highest success rates for Christians seeking long lasting sobriety. With this combination of treatment therapies focusing on past traumas, life choices, relapse triggers,and the improvement of coping skills, the Christian in recovery will be ready to face the challenges that life can bring.

non twelve step christian rehab programs

Non-Traditional Treatment Options

We do have options for non-12 step Christian drug rehab programs that offer alternative to AA or NA programs for after care. For some people seeking recovery, this is not their first time in treatment for their addiction. For those seeking a different approach and Christian counseling this option for treatment can give them the tools that they need to achieve a life without drugs or alcohol.


I came to Christ in 2015 but still struggled with addiction. It wasn’t until last year that I fully embraced Christ.
testimonials for happy client Dmitriy
Equipping to deliver from Drugs, People, Happy Birthday, and Happy Healing Our God Maker Most High Jesus Jehovah Says, MY Mercy is Now Of Healing, with a New Mind and Body, unlimited Healing, and Mercies, Heaven is Opened up above your Healing, transformation Healings, Love of God Almighty, and a visitation of him to Love You in mercy healing and Joy, Happiness for Millions 🙂 Faith to Believe is added
testimonials for happy client Eric

I have been very impressed with the help that I have received for my daughter. The rehab center, was wonderful. I encourage anyone interested in treatment to explore call Christian Drug Rehabilitation’s help-line.


christian drug rehab testimonials blank image Melissa, May 2015
I can’t explain to you what happened but something changed in my heart and one reason for this change was the counselor that I spoke with. She helped me find a great drug abuse center and I am now drug free and training to become a pastor. 
drug free Ed S. – Dallas, Tx.
My son needed help and I did not know how to help him. Your counselor helped me find him a good Christian drug rehab program and I now, have my son back. Thank you so much, may the Lord bless you. PRAISE JESUS!
sober son and mom Frances Morris
Our marriage was falling apart from our addiction to alcohol but when we called your help-line, the counselor helped us understand what treatment we needed. We have been sober for 14 months now. Thank you so much for all of your help.  The help line was very helpful to us in our time of need.
testimonial Margaret b. Jim and Margaret B.