Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol Abusealcohol addiction help

What are the signs of alcohol addiction or dependency?

Alcoholism is a disease that can vary depending on the rate and frequency in which it is consumed. Alcoholism will destroy the lives of the addict as well as the family.

Visual signs that alcohol is being consumed to excess are easily recognizable to adults and even some children.

* redness in the face during or after the consumption of alcohol
* reaction times or reflexes delayed or non existent
* vomiting or nausea 
* slurred speech and conversations that are completely incoherent
* clumsiness and no balance when walking 

Recognizing when there is a problem 
When alcohol consumption becomes a ritual and the quantity of alcohol needed increases is a sign that there might be a more serious problem. Someone that abuses alcohol makes their drinking a focus of their life. 1-866-391-6530
  * Hangovers and increased time to recover from the night of drinking .
   * tolerance levels go up and the amount of alcohol needed to get the desired effect increase 
   * personal life and professional responsibilities are not being taken care of
   * unsuccessful attempts at reducing the intake of alcohol
   * withdrawal symptoms show up when unable to drink

Alcohol is a depressant it affects the central nervous system once it has metabolized through the liver. Alcoholism and abuse can result in other medical problems such as :
   * high blood pressure
  * sexual impedance or lack of sex drive
   * Cancer 
   * intestinal problems
   * Osteoporosis in women 

Alcohol abuse causes over 100,000 deaths in North America. It is the leading cause of death in teens due to alcohol related car accidents. 
Drinking habits can vary for every alcoholic, some will binge drink, while others will drink in excess every day. Once alcohol starts to take control of a persons life there can be severe social and economic consequences. Being drunk or hung over at work usually results in loss of jobs and income. Domestic violence is increased in household that have an alcoholic present in the home. Legal problems soon are compounded with the addiction and can place severe financial burden on the family.


What causes someone to become an alcoholic?
Genetic predisposition, environment and the mental health of the individual are leading factors in the development of alcoholism. Members of the same family can respond differently to alcohol effects. These reasons are why treatment can be different for every alcoholic and not everyone in the same family can have the same predisposition to alcohol effects. 

alcohol dependency

Alcohol withdrawal can be a life threatening health risk.

Long term alcohol abuse can affect the liver, nervous system, heart, brain and stomach. Detoxification from alcohol can result in the DT’s or Delirium Tremors. A Person can have a life threatening event happen if there is a sudden stoppage of consumption. Medically supervised detox is required for most alcohol withdrawals.

Alcohol abuse is a serious medical condition that requires a medically supervised detox in order to keep the individual safe from seizures and life threatening blood pressure drops. Detoxing from alcohol should never be done in the home. If you are experiencing withdrawal symptoms from alcohol withdrawal call 911 right away and get the help you need as soon as possible. It could save your life. 
Do not wait till it is to late. Get help now. Christian Drug Rehabilitation is a leader in finding the best treatment centers for Christians in need of alcohol Detox and treatment. Give us a call now. 1-866-391-6530

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